Covid-19 Precautions And Re-Opening Plans

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting us all I have reviewed my policies and procedures in line with recommendations from the government and my insurers to ensure the safety of every client, myself, and my family.

Treatments available to book currently are as follows –

Gel Polish

Acrylic Extensions




Crystal Healing

This will be reviewed monthly and with in line with Government and Insurance Providers regulations.



  • The online service for booking appointment’s is open You can book all appointments via the system at this link
  • Priority will be given to Beauty Club And VIP members, if you are interested in becoming a member then please email me at
  • It is strictly only ONE person in the salon at any time, this means no children, partners, friends etc – Just you.
  • I will be working very limited hours during the initial reopening process, this is to ensure that thorough deep cleaning can be carried out before, and after every client.
  • Unfortunately the toilet and toilet area will be out of use until further notice, I want to keep the areas that clients come into contact with as minimal as possible, also as you are all aware this is my parents’ house and their health and yours is my top priority. So, without the fear of sounding like a nagging mother, make sure you have been to the toilet before arriving for your appointment.
  • I will not be offering refreshment facilities, you are more than welcome to bring your own drink with you, please be prepared to take it back out with you at the end of your treatment.
  • As has always been the rules, NO CHILDREN are allowed in the salon, whether they be in a pram or have an iPad to keep them occupied. Please arrive on your own.


  • Please send any pictures of nail designs to me prior to your appointment as there are to be no mobile phones to be out, please keep them in your pocket or bag.
  • EVERY SINGLE CLIENT will be expected to arrive wearing a mask, I will not be providing you with them, you must have a mask on before entering the salon/my home. You will not be treated if you do not arrive wearing one.
  • When you arrive please park on the tarmac area outside of my house – DO NOT USE the garden centre. Text or call me to tell me you have arrived.
  • If you have a coat or other garment you plan on taking off (scarf/gloves/hat etc) please take them off and leave them in your car, or bring a carrier bag with you to but it all in when in the salon – there are no hanging or storage areas appropriate currently.
  • I will then tell you when it is okay for you to come in, I will open the gate and doors for you so that contact with any surfaces is kept to a minimum. You will be given hand sanitiser to use prior to starting your treatment.
  • On entering the room, you will see a plastic box straight in front of you – this is where you will need to put any of your belongings, phone, bag keys, coat etc. None of these items can be on the nail desk.


  • There will be two nail desks set up. I will use one, clean it, then use the other for the next client. Then work on a rotation basis between the desks, this is to ensure everything is cleaned and dried correctly prior to each new client.
  • Every client will have a new nail file used on them, which will then be disinfected, sanitised and then stored in your own personal file for your next appointment.
  • Please do not touch any surfaces or your face unnecessarily during your treatment.

TREATMENT – Holistic

  • You will be given an antibacterial wipe to cleanse your feet with prior to getting onto the couch.
  • I will then apply an antibacterial spray to your feet.
  • I will have a piece of couch roll on the couch for you rest your feet on, which will be changed after every client.
  • There will be a piece of couch roll over the pillow, which will be changed after every client.
  • The couch will be disinfected and sanitised after every client.
  • There will be a towel on the floor for you to use to dry your feet, which will go straight into a hot wash with antibacterial laundry wash after use.


  • Payment will only be taken via my payment system that you have all been using for the last 2-3 years. This will be processed the evening of your appointment, if for any reason you need to use a different card to the one we have stored, you can do a bank transfer prior to your treatment and before you enter the salon.
  • I will open the doors and gate for you, to minimize contact with surfaces.

AND…. this goes without saying

If you feel unwell at any point prior to your appointment please cancel, cancellation fee’s will be waived until the regulations are adjusted/revised again.

The Steps I Am Taking To Ensure Your Safety And Mine

  • I will be wearing a mask and a visor during the time you are in the salon, this will be put on prior to you entering and will be removed and sanitised after you have left.
  • There will be a screen between us whilst I perform your nail treatment.
  • I will be wearing gloves as I always do to perform your treatment.
  • All surfaces, door handles, chairs, tools, lamps will be thoroughly sanitised in between every client.
  • During your treatment neither I or you will leave the salon/room until the end of your treatment – there will be a clean bowl of water, disposable towel’s and individual nail brushes in the treatment room for your use, with a pedal bin for you to dispose of these in.
  • Two nail desk areas will be set up, this is to ensure that once one desk has been thoroughly cleaned it can then dry naturally and limit the amount of people sitting in one chair. I will rotate between the two desks. – This is not government guidelines; this is something extra I have thought to put in place.
  • I will only touch my phone during your treatment, to take a picture of your nails nothing else.

I will be introducing treatments back slowly and in phases.

 This is to ensure that I adhere to guidelines from the government and my insurers.

This also means that the routine of this ‘new way of working’ can be managed and put into action in the correct way.

I would rather do this slowly than risk anyone’s safety.