Do You Want A Stress Free Christmas?

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Stress Free Christmas!

Yes, its possible.

Time, money and family can be the three things that add to our stress over the Christmas period but there are some ways to minimize that stress if you act now.

  • Plan Ahead

Start organising now, who’s in charge of the turkey, vegetables, what time are people arriving, have you got enough chairs for the table? It might only be October but think when you get to the beginning of December and you know everyone knows what they are responsible for; the stress level of any individual should be minimal.

  • Make Lists Now

Present lists and card lists are essential. Each night take 20 minutes to do a little research online to find the best deals for presents, and then another 20 minutes to write a few Christmas cards, by the time you reach November you will be organised and know exactly who’s getting what this year.

  • Delegate Jobs

There’s nothing more frustrating that rushing around and getting nowhere; whilst someone sits happily reading the paper or watching TV. This can lead to arguments and resentment; like point one said, plan ahead, give your beloved a list of just a few jobs that are going to make your life easier. Don’t be demanding just ask for some help!

  • Create a relaxing environment

When preparing leading up to the big day or in the evening when you are wrapping presents, play relaxing music, burn some lavender in an oil burner, get the children involved with little tasks and activities such as making decorations, finish the night with a Christmas story all snuggled up and trust the lavender scent to send you off to a good night’s sleep.

  • Treat yourself

And if after all that you still feel stressed, plan some time for yourself. How about a warming and relaxing hot stone massage or a soothing treat for tired feet like reflexology. Beautiful Christmas nails will dazzle at parties and entertain children; who doesn’t love a Frozen theme set of nails with snowflakes and glitter!



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