How To Encourage Healthy Nails

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Do You Want Healthy Nails? Yes?

Then follow these few simple tips to really help encourage healthy nails.

Moisturise, Moisturise And Then Moisturise Some More

Dehydration, chemical use and over frequent hand washing can all leave your hands and nails dehydrated and irritated. Ensuring you wash your hands thoroughly and then dry them thoroughly is one thing, but the main thing a lot of people forget is moisturise thoroughly. Hand and nail creams are available in chemists, supermarkets, health shops, almost everywhere, keeping one by the sink and one in you handbag is a great idea to remind yourself to nourish those hands and nails. This will not only keep your new healthy nails looking great but will also keep your skin looking young and smooth.

But Why Do You Need To Moisturise?

Basically dry nails break more easily. Dry and brittle nails have little to no flexibility, meaning that if you hit them, catch them or even bend them slightly they are more than likely going to snap and break. Using a cuticle oil specifically around the finger nails and cuticles can help nourish the nail plate and ensure the skin stays hydrated; resulting in a healthy nails.

Do I Really Need To Buy An Oil Too?

The short answer is NO! Simple household olive oil will do the job, using a little oil rubbed in around the fingertips and nails will work like any cuticle oil. Admittedly specific cuticle oils do have added vitamins and nutrients; but if you have got some olive oil in the cupboard go ahead and use that!

How Healthy Is Your Diet?

The answer to how to get healthy nails is have a healthy diet!

It’s not just our waist line that can suffer if our diet is not healthy and full of fresh fruit and vegetables. The first 3 places that will show signs of an unhealthy diet are our hair, skin and nails. Essential nutrients that nourish and strengthen our hair, skin and nails can be found easily in 5 fresh fruit and vegetable portions a day. If you find this difficult to integrate into your lifestyle then why not opt for a multi vitamin tablet daily.

Your Nails Are Jewels Not Tools!

It’s easy to pick, peel, open, and squeeze things with our nails and they come in very useful sometimes; however this can be a key player in brittle nails. Putting extra stress and strain on our nails can lead to reduced strength and specific weak spots in our nails. So before you think I must pick that sticker off the bottom of those new shoes; spare a thought for your beautifully manicured nails!


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