Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables you to receive a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space.  Divine Reiki Healing can be channelled to you in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits Of Reiki

  • Can help ease symptoms of Anxiety, Stress and Depression
  • Can assist in moving stagnant energy, enabling you to feel physically and emotionally well
  • May encourage a deeper feeling of relaxation and grounding
  • May help you think more clearly and decisively
  • Can help heal emotional scars due to past trauma and abuse
  • Your sleep patter may improve
  • You may find that you receive spiritual support and guidance during your treatment and possibly in the days after.

What You Need To Do

To receive this healing in its most potent form you ideally need to be a relaxed state where you will be either led down or sat comfortably in a chair.

You will need to allocate ideally 45-60 minutes in this space where you will not be disturbed – that means silencing your phone, laptop, doorbell so nobody interrupts you.

Prior to your appointment I will need you to download on your mobile phone the zoom app.

What Should I Expect When I Have A Treatment?

Your appointment will be at a time scheduled by you on the online booking system as you would any other appointment you book with me.

I will then video call you via Zoom and I will first talk you through what you are about to experience.

Then I will ask you to either lie down or sit in your comfy spot (whatever you choose).  I will then take you through some breathing exercises and a guided meditation to take you into a relaxed state.

Whilst you are in this relaxed state I will also be in a meditative state, during this time I will channel healing reiki energy mindfully to your body and aura. I will analyse your aura visually and see where there are any depletions in it.

Then using visualisation and positive thought forms, I will channel this divine healing energy to balance your chakras and block any leaks in your aura.

During this process you may well feel heat, see colours, feel relaxed, feel more grounded, feel less anxious … Whatever the reaction, it is all perfectly normal and safe.

Then I will use my voice and Tibetan chimes to bring you back to an awakened state whilst feeling grounded and rested.

We shall then talk through your experience and anything I have attuned to during your treatment.

For a bit of extra spiritual guidance and support I will then offer you the opportunity to have 3 tarot/oracle cards read to complete your session.

How Much Is The Session?

Now this might all sound a bit woo-woo and if you’re not sure whether you will benefit from Distance Reiki Healing, you can take advantage of my special introductory trial offer of £10 for your first session.

When booking simply use the code distance10

All future sessions will be charged at the normal price of £20

If you do have any questions regarding Distance Reiki Healing please get in touch.