Swedish Massage

  • Do you feel tense and stiff?
  • Suffer with general aches and pains?
  • Suffer with bad circulation?
  • Just fancy a treat?
  • Need some much needed “you” time?

Then find out more about why Swedish Massage could be the massage for you …

What Is A Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is the most popular and common type of massage. It’s firm but relaxing and is a good starting point if you have never had a massage before. The massage is fairly brisk with different movements such a sweeping and kneading.

What Are The Benefits Of Swedish Massage?

  • Can help maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Improve sleep pattern.
  • Ease aching and tired muscles.
  • Help improve headaches.
  • Relaxing.
  • Helps symptoms of stress and depression.

How Often Should I Have A Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is not particularly deep although it is a firm massage so ideally every week. However, every 2-3 weeks would be sufficient to get plenty of benefits and improve health and wellbeing.

What Should I Expect When I Have A Swedish Massage?

You will initially have a consultation to discuss your health and lifestyle to establish what you can hope to achieve from the massage. Your therapist will then leave the room to allow you to get undressed for your massage. If you are having shoulder, neck and back massage you will be required to remove everything down to the waist, for a full body you leave on your underpants and remove everything else. There will be two towels on the massage couch for you to arrange over you to ensure your privacy and that you are kept warm.

Some people will fall asleep during the treatment which is completely fine, some will be really interested and have lots of questions to ask, others may be happy just to chit chat. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine by me.

My priority is how at ease and relaxed you feel so you in turn can get the best possible outcome from your session.

Is There Anything I Should Or Shouldn’t Do After The Treatment?

  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours after your treatment
  • Try not to smoke for at least 24 hours after your treatment
  • Have a light meal
  • Drink plenty of water
  • You may well feel quite lethargic after your treatment so take a nap
  • Ideally try to have a relaxing rest of your day

How Much Will The Treatment Cost?

  • 30 Minute Appointment:  £32.00 – Ideal for shoulder neck and back massage.
  • 60 Minute Appointment:  £47.00 – Ideal for full body massage.

If you do have any questions regarding this treatment please get in touch.