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That cold snap is coming!

Yes, it’s imperative that we keep ourselves warm during these times however sometimes central heating, air conditioning, cosy fires and a lack of fresh air can influence our minds and our bodies. That’s right all this artificial heat is a key dehydrator in our homes!


Did You Know?

This is what happens to our bodies as soon as any artificial heating device is turned on….

The sudden change in the atmosphere/temperature dries out the air and then our bodies respond accordingly. Vasomotor rhinitis is the medical term for it.

This is the process by which certain chemicals are released to cope with the new temperature and environment.

This gets the blood vessels pumping, which inevitably leads to more blood going to the nose. Then comes the uncomfortable itch in the nostrils, followed by sneezing, making us feel like we have a cold when in fact we don’t.


Not Only That But Our Skin Also Suffers

At this time of year, artificial heat can dry our skin and eyes too. Have you been thinking that your skin is looking dull and rough? Have your eyes been feeling tired all the time? Then the answer could be more layers of clothes, less artificial heating and staying on top of drinking plenty of fluids.

It’s easy to just keep topping up the cups of tea when its chilly however nothing quite revitalises your mind and body like a fresh glass of water. Not only is it the quickest way to rehydrate our bodies it will also help our decision making, concentration, tiredness and mood.

So next time you go to the thermostat, think about it…perhaps just put an extra layer of clothes on first!  You skin and eyes will thank you for it!


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