Why those expiry date’s on skincare and body care products are important!

Did you know that cosmetics, skincare and body care products all have expiry date’s? No? Then you are not alone. Most of us do not realise that these products have a ‘use-by’ date and how important they really are.

In this article I am going to explain a bit about these dates and why we should all take notice of them.

What do you need to look for on these products?


Most products have a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol – as shown in the image above – which acts as a guideline for when you should throw out a product after you’ve opened it.

The Top Products…With The Most Important Expiry Date’s


Yes the majority of us love a good mascara and it’s a staple of so many women’s make up bags. But, did you know this is the one product that really can harbour so many germs and be a brilliant breeding ground for them. It’s essential that you look out for the little pot logo and keep track of when that beauty needs to go in the sin bin.

Here’s Why!

The consistency will change, resulting in poor product application, crumbling, flaking off the lashes.

The molecules in the mascara can break down which can lead to possible reactions to the products.

Not only that but our eyelashes protect our eyes from debris, pollen and dust. So when you are sweeping your wand through your lashes and putting it back into the tube, you are basically collecting it all up and storing it in your mascara. YUCK!

The damp and dark mascara tube is then an ideal place for all those germs to multiply!

Not only that but just like your food goes off so can cosmetics meaning, they can smell and go a funny colour!


Yes its great to give you that even flawless complexion appearance we all dream of, however did you know it could in fact be making it worse?

Here’s Why!

As with mascara the molecules can break down which can lead to possible reactions to the products.

It will smell funky!

It will change colour!

It will change texture and just not make you look as fabulous anymore.

But like all our cosmetics, once they are opened and air starts getting into them so do the germs…and they love to multiply anywhere damp.


Never leave them sat without a lid on, use a lip brush when you can to prevent unnecessary contact with your skin and lips and occasionally clean them with makeup wipes to remove the top layer of bacteria growth. Don’t hang onto that lippy for to long.

Here’s Why!

Just think of all that contact with your mouth!

Its damp, its dark (when the lid is on) perfect breeding ground (but you know this by now right?)

It will smell!

It will dry out and be flaky!

It will change colour.

So remember on every one of your beauty regime products there is that little symbol…go on I dare you to take a look tonight and see what need’s to go in your sin bin.